「幸愛硝子アトリエ "小さな森のなか"」



The atelier is situated on a hill overlooking the sea in Otaru, Hokkaido. It's not a storefront where you can drop by at regular business hours freely; rather, for those considering a purchase, we kindly request advance notice about the specific pieces you are interested in. We prepare in advance before your visit and guide you accordingly. We strive to minimize overlap with other customers, allowing you to leisurely choose your preferred artworks. Your individual needs, including scheduling, will be accommodated with personalized attention. 





クリスタルペンダントは 6,600円〜、同ピアスは 15,400円〜、グラスウェア(花器、グラス、ディッシュ、オブジェ等)は6,600円〜、ジークレーアート 38,500円〜 となっております。オーダーメイドはペンダント16,500円〜、ピアス 27,500円〜、グラスウェアは要相談です。オンラインストア掲載作品もご覧いただけます(オンライン限定品を除く)。

Crystal pendants are priced from 6,600 yen, while matching earrings start at 15,400 yen. Glassware items, including flower vases, glasses, dishes, and decorative objects, are available from 6,600 yen. Our exclusive giclée art pieces start at 38,500 yen. For custom orders, pendants begin at 16,500 yen, earrings at 27,500 yen, and glassware prices are available upon consultation. You can also explore featured items on our online store, excluding online-exclusive products.



You can generally reach us by car throughout the year, with 4WD being essential during the winter season. Alternatively, we are conveniently located approximately 800 yen away by taxi from the nearest JR station. As the atelier is situated on a hill, we will provide personalized guidance on the optimal travel plans based on the season.



開館時間:[5〜10月] 9:30〜17:00 / [11〜4月] 10:00〜16:00

普段は小樽の海を一望できる高台のアトリエにて活動していますが、小樽中心部にある小樽芸術村「旧三井銀行小樽支店」内にて一部作品を展示販売しております。小樽芸術村は、ニトリグループが2016年7月に開設し、小樽が栄華を誇っていた20世紀初頭に建造された旧荒田商会、旧高橋倉庫、旧三井銀行小樽支店、旧北海道拓殖銀行小樽支店の4棟を中心に、それぞれの建物にその時代を華やかに彩ってきた日本や世界の優れた美術品・工芸品を展示公開しています。 We typically work at our atelier on a hill with a panoramic view of the sea in Otaru. However, we also exhibit and sell some of our works at the Otaru Art Village within the former Mitsui Bank Otaru Branch, located in the heart of Otaru.







そんなある日、散歩中に現在のアトリエがある場所に偶然に辿り着きました。 当時の場所は木々や笹が鬱蒼と茂り、小動物が住む、まるでここだけが取り残された「森」のような場所でした。木々の隙間から見える町の灯りや、樹木の静けさとざわめき、そして何よりも180度見渡せる海。


それから朝や夜など条件を変えて何度も通い想像を膨らませていました。 「運命」の勢いに身を任せるかのように話が進み、土地との邂逅から1年経たぬうちに、今のアトリエが芽生えました。




現在(2024年2月)までの約7年間で、大小数百に及ぶ植栽、何十立米もの土や粉砕レンガ、そして15,000枚を超えるレンガ、その他廃材の木材等、セメント、ペンキ、、etc など、見よう見まねでやってきたDIYで使った資材の量は、気が遠くなるほど。移転直後の2017年に自分たちで植えた木々や葡萄・ブルーベリー等の果樹も成長し、アトリエ内に彩りを加え始めました。



創業を第一章、海の見える場所への移転が第二章、そして 2024年 幸愛硝子にとって、第三章となる「理想のアトリエを探す旅」が始まりました。

In 2016, we relocated our atelier to its current location. Rewind to 2010, the old folk house where we first hung our sign was the site of a historic pottery kiln in Hokkaido, boasting the oldest history in the region (formerly known as "Otaru Yaki"). With over 100 years of history, the air was filled with the spirit of craftsmanship. Although we felt attached to it, we gradually began to envision creating our own original world. Seeking a fresh realm, we embarked on a journey.

Around 2015, we vaguely dreamed of a place where the sea could be seen or surrounded by nature. However, there was a variety of options, and we wondered if such a place still existed in Otaru or if we needed to search elsewhere.

One day, during a walk, we coincidentally stumbled upon the current location of our atelier. At that time, it was a place where trees and bamboo thickly grew, a kind of "last forest" that small animals called home. The view from the gaps between the trees, the tranquility and rustling of the trees, and most importantly, the 180-degree panoramic view of the sea.

At first sight, it was like, "Ah, this is it."

From then on, we visited the place repeatedly, changing the conditions from morning to night, letting our imaginations run wild. As if succumbing to the "fate," the story unfolded, and within a year of the encounter with the land, our current atelier began to sprout.

We chose the word "sprout" because, despite having an ideal paradise in mind, we started with a high ideal and a limited budget. The studio, gallery, and exterior were all in a skeletal state. Especially the exterior, covered in gravel like a construction site or swallowed by a sea of overgrown grass.

"Now, the real work begins."

While the move to a location almost ideal was achieved, the current situation started from a distant dream.

Over the past approximately seven years until now (February 2024), we have used an astronomical amount of materials in our DIY efforts planting hundreds of plants, using dozens of cubic meters of soil and crushed bricks, over 15,000 bricks, and various materials such as wood scraps, cement, paint, etc. The trees and fruit trees we planted ourselves in 2017 after the move have grown, adding color to the atelier.

Every piece of material we've used in our DIY endeavors seems to create a landscape in our minds, and we continue to pour passion into the atelier day by day.

The story is still ongoing. In 2023, at the almost-closed, oldest brick factory in Hokkaido, we had another fateful encounter this time with a staggering 70,000 bricks. In addition, the visit of Mr. Masahiro Motoki, whom we admired, breathed new life into the atelier's story. Quietly, the journey continues, envisioning completion in 2035.

Our founding marked the first chapter, the move to a seaside location as the second, and for us at Yukie Glass, 2024 signals the beginning of the third chapter, a journey to find the ideal atelier.